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Teeth removal in Kiev

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There are not many examples when you have to ask an adult patient to remove a tooth. Now we are talking about cases when the removal is the only way out. To get rid of terrible pain a person is ready to pull out a tooth by himself. It is hardly possible, unless you are a child. Often, a simple removal does not work, because the surgeon may prescribe additional treatment and will have to visit him again. Be warned: do not self-medicate to avoid complications.

Need a toothless tooth extraction (Kiev)?

Do you need to remove a tooth in Kiev? Clinic Family Dent offers a painless procedure - tooth extraction in Kiev. The surgeon Timur Jumaev has reasons to contact you.

Treatment by a Family Dentist Clinic

Timur Jumaev:
Dentist Timur Jumaev

Never try to endure a toothache. Do not try to wait out the time when your cheek is swollen. Independently this inflammatory process will not pass. This reminds me of a situation with pneumonia, when the patient turned to the doctor too late. A simple tooth extraction takes 5-10 minutes. Spend this miserable time on yourself to avoid big problems.

Surgeon of the dental clinic Family Dent

Tooth extraction as a complex treatment

To install braces may require the removal of wisdom teeth. Paradoxically, it is the G-8s that can cause a violation of the correct bite. There is another situation where the incorrect arrangement of wisdom teeth does not make it possible to effectively correct the bite with the help of braces. Therefore, Family Dent, at the same time, performs tooth extraction in Kiev as a comprehensive treatment. This is a joint work of our orthodontist and surgeon, based on more than 7th experience.

Treat or remove a tooth?

During the treatment of caries, a situation may arise when the wisdom tooth is best removed. This is what Anna Gerasimenko, a dentist at the Family Dent Clinic, says about this:
Dentist Anna Gerasimenko

Wisdom teeth often grow with problems. They do not grow properly or not completely cutting through. All this complicates the hygienic care of them, so the wisdom teeth in the area of ​​risk of caries. It happens that the tooth has not yet fully grown, and already affected by caries. Not only is it difficult to treat him, he also transfers tooth decay to adjacent teeth. My task as a dentist is to save a tooth, but this is one of the few times I can recommend wisdom tooth extraction.

Family Dent Clinic Doctor

Urgent Removal

The situation with the removal of the tooth is often urgent and the patient complains of severe pain. With our clinic there is an opportunity not to wait until tomorrow morning. Family Dent - is the removal of teeth in Kiev from 11 to 23 hours. This means that you do not need to ask for leave from work tomorrow, but rather visit our clinic as early as tonight. Listen to the advice of our surgeon Timur Jumaev and set aside just 5 minutes for your health.

Prices for tooth extraction

Removal of milk teeth - from 500 UAH. Tooth extraction with anesthesia - from 1000 UAH. Removal of wisdom teeth - from 2200 UAH. How often have you heard questions near the surgeon's office in a dental clinic:

Which doctor removes today?

The question is correct, because people are ready to go to an experienced surgeon. The experience of our surgeon is the basis of the price of our service “tooth extraction in Kiev”.
We assume that you are interested in tooth extraction not for the sake of curiosity. On the contact page you will find all the necessary information to contact us by phone. Call or come to Family Dent. [/cws-widget][/col][/cws-row]