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Teeth whitening (Kiev)

 Aesthetics or necessity?

Teeth whitening (Kiev) in the thoughts of patients in dental clinics is considered an optional procedure. According to them, the purpose of this service is to increase the cost of treatment. Family Dent claims that most patients need whitening.

Whom recommends whitening Family Dent

You may have heard that whitening is necessary for lovers of coffee, wine and cigarettes. This problem really exists, but it is not necessary to narrow it down so much. There are more serious reasons for the dental service "teeth whitening (Kiev)":

Partial prosthetics. Installing crowns, single, or several, implant. In such cases, whitening should be carried out before installation. This is due to the need for proper selection of the color of the implant and crowns.

Tooth filling. Even this standard dental service requires prior bleaching. The reason is identical: finding the right color for the treatment.

Why whitening is important to you

6 months after the implant, crowns or fillings are installed, our patients often return to Family Dent to continue treatment other teeth. And then you can hear the following question from them:

Why did my implants (or crowns) become whiter than the adjacent teeth?

Family Dent gives answer

Whitening can be done after implantation, but this is not as effective. Bleaching before implantation, or installation of crowns, is carried out to determine the natural color of the teeth. In accordance with this color, our specialist selects the material for treatment. When your teeth lose their whiteness again, it will be enough to re-bleach and this will bring the color of the teeth and crowns in one tone.

Teeth whitening after implantation is not the right approach. When bleaching it is impossible to adapt to the color of the crowns or implant. The main principle is as follows: the reference color is the color tone of teeth after bleaching.

About smokers, wine and coffee lovers

This category of people is so huge that it is hard to find exceptions. Yes, red wine, black chocolate, cigarettes, coffee - all this affects the color of the teeth. Even the everyday food that you used to see on your table has dyes. Anyone who is close to you can be assigned to whiten teeth and not make a mistake. And to you personally.

Teeth whitening at Family Dent

Family Dent offers teeth whitening (Kiev), both as part of a comprehensive treatment, and as a solution to the patient's aesthetic problems. Before the whitening procedure, you receive advice and recommendations from our specialist.

Why you should not whiten your teeth yourself

You can come to the mistaken belief that you can whiten your teeth without visiting a dentist.

I use whitening toothpaste

They really whiten, but will only be effective as an aid after professional teeth whitening.

I whiten my teeth with baking soda

We strongly recommend that you refuse Xia from this practice. Some "folk remedies" may even be harmful.


Do you want to whiten your teeth in Kiev at an affordable price?

Hardware (office) teeth whitening Magic Smile

2 jaws (1 session) - 6000 UAH.

You do not need to whiten your teeth once a month or quarter - this is contraindicated. You can safely divide the price of bleaching into 12-15 parts. That is how many months the necessary effect of the procedure is effective.

Get information on the service and make an appointment by calling us on the phone. Do you want to whiten your teeth with high quality and with a guarantee? Visit our clinic. Family Dent's address is on the contact page.