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Treatment of pulpitis

 or how to get rid of toothache 

A slight pain in the tooth at night is getting worse. It becomes so strong that there is a sensation of pain in all the teeth at the same time. A painful reaction to a change in temperature while eating suppresses appetite. These are the main symptoms of inflammation of the tooth pulp.

Cure pulpitis before it becomes periodontitis

Anna Gerasimenko about the treatment of pulpitis:

The problem is that very few patients go to the doctor at the first pain in the tooth. Usually trying to endure, or get rid of it with painkillers. Temporarily it can help. A person can even get used to relatively small pain. The decision to sign up for a dentist is made at a time when the pain is already crazy. You can soothe the inflamed nerve in 1-2 hours after putting the medicine in the tooth. You do not need to torment yourself 1-2 days, or a week. And we should not forget that the initial pulpitis can quickly turn into periodontitis.

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What is pulpitis in the patient’s language

Pulp & mdash; it is a soft tissue that fills the void of a tooth. The pulp consists of a multitude of blood vessels and nerves. Inflammation of the pulp is called pulpitis, and nerve endings cause pain.

Why have you had pulpitis

The paradox is that pulpitis does not always occur through the fault of the patient. Launched caries and poor attitude to oral hygiene leads to pulpitis.

Dentist's error. When treating caries, the doctor may mistakenly disrupt the pulp, infect the infection, and seal the tooth.

Violation of the method of installing a seal. Sealing without a special pad can cause the development of pulpitis, because toxic materials become irritants to the pulp.

In addition, there are several other causes of pulpitis, which do not depend on you.

Treatment of pulpitis in Family Dent (Kiev)

Diagnosis. The symptoms of pulpitis are similar to deep caries, so it is important not to make a mistake in determining the diagnosis. Dentist Anna Gerasimenko with more than 11th experience diagnoses and makes a map of treatment.

Treatment. The treatment of pulpitis can occur in one of the ways & mdash; with removal, or without removal of a pulp. The choice of method depends on the results of diagnosis. At the bottom of the opened tooth, the dentist lays the medicine for several days and sets a temporary filling. When the pulp is removed, the doctor seals the canals and removes the nerve.

Why is it necessary to treat pulpitis at the first symptoms

Treatment of pulpitis at an early stage makes it possible to preserve the pulp of the tooth and nerve. Without a pulp, a tooth loses its natural color.

Painkillers only postpone the trip to the dental clinic and complicate the disease. The flow of pulpitis in periodontitis increases the price tag for the treatment of the tooth.

Going to the dentist will quickly relieve a lot of pain during today, because Family Dent is open until 23.00.

Pulpitis treatment - price

- Paste and Temporary Filling 1400 UAH.

- Root canal treatment, canal filling & mdash; 1800 UAH.

- Permanent filling & mdash; from 2200 UAH.

None of these stages of treatment can not be missed, otherwise the pulpitis will again make itself felt with increased pain. This price is much better than tooth loss, followed by prosthetics.

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