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Prosthetics of teeth in Kiev

 new teeth for life

Partial or complete loss of teeth at 40 is not always a person’s fault. The reason may be a bad heredity or an accident. In the Family Dent clinic, we met patients who brushed their teeth twice a day, but this did not save them. A person without teeth experiences daily torment. You know that it happens three times a day when it comes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A person has a feeling that he did not eat anything. 

As a result of partial loss of teeth, an increase in interdental space occurs. There are unhindered particles of food that leads to the development of caries. It takes little time and the remaining teeth are at risk of removal. This is similar to the domino effect when the absence of several teeth in the medium term leads to the defeat of healthy ones. That is why dental prosthetics is important to carry out at the initial stage.

Modern prosthetics of teeth (Kiev): crowns, bridges, removable and fixed prostheses

Depending on the number of missing teeth, their partial defeat or as a result of diseases and injuries, modern dentistry classifies prosthetics as follows:

1. Dental crowns – a single prosthetic teeth, which have not lost their foundation.

2. Dental bridge – prosthetics of several teeth that are in the same dentition.

3. Removable dentures are designed for patients with multiple tooth loss.

4. Fixed prosthetics may be in cases of removal of one or several teeth using permanent attachment. The fixed prostheses, in turn, include the above-mentioned crowns and bridges.

Family Dent Prosthetics

Clinic Family Dent provides dental prosthetics in Kiev. The sooner you become aware of your problem, the sooner we can help you. A few teeth, or their complete absence – in any case, you deserve to have new teeth. After the examination, we offer you a dental prosthesis according to your situation and financial possibilities.

Crown on the tooth, or how to avoid complete prosthetics

In cases of partial damage to the teeth, we offer our patients to install dental crowns. This simple type of prosthesis has a number of advantages and features with which we want to introduce you right now.

The patient turned with the fourth stage of caries, which in the process of treatment led to the loss of more than 50% of the hard tissues of the tooth. In such cases, there is every reason to install crowns.

Teeth preparation

1. Photo: Treatment of caries and preparation of teeth.

Photo 1 clearly demonstrates the impossibility of filling, so it was decided, in agreement with the patient, to prepare the teeth for the installation of crowns.

A prerequisite for the installation of the crown on the tooth is the creation of the so-called tooth stump. In the language of the patient, this means that a base tooth is needed on which the crown will be installed in the next step.

In dentistry, the tooth stump is divided:

1. Based on the patient’s tooth.

2. Based on artificial materials (ceramics, metal).

Set the stump tab

As mentioned above, the loss of hard tooth tissues in this case exceeded 50%, which made it impossible to recreate the stump on the basis of its own tooth. Therefore, after preparation, metal stump inserts were installed.

Setting the stump tabs

2. Photo: Installation of metal stump tabs.

After this procedure, a special impression is made, without which it is impossible to create a crown for a tooth for each individual case.

Installing dental crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns are a single denture based on two materials:

1. Metal is used as a reliable material for the crown base. Modern prosthetics moved away from all-metal crowns. Not so often now you can see young people with “iron teeth”. This problem is particularly relevant for the front teeth.

2. Ceramics as an aesthetic material. The color and structure of ceramics resembles a human tooth, so it is used as the top of a metal-ceramic crown.

Prosthetics with crowns

3. Photo: Prosthetics of teeth with metal-ceramic crowns.

Summing up, it should be noted that crowns per tooth is an effective method of prosthetics, which partially preserves the tooth and allows prosthetics to be performed pointwise, without subjecting the adjacent teeth to dental procedures.

Bridge prosthesis, or how to get the front incisors back

The following example of prosthetics will clearly demonstrate how it is possible to return front teeth to a person. The dental bridge is the best option for prosthetics in the case when the teeth are in poor condition in one row. If this is the front row, then on the patient’s side there are increased demands on the appearance of the prosthesis.

Preparing the front incisors for prosthetics

1. Photo: Dissection of the front incisors.

At the preparatory stage for prosthetics of the front teeth, a number of dental procedures were performed. Among them it is important to note:

1. Treatment of average caries. Preparation for prosthetics also includes therapeutic treatment.

2. Tooth preparation. Since the damage to the teeth in this case has an average character, the basis of the teeth was used as a stump. This is the case when the artificial stump tab is not needed.


2. Photo: Installation of a bridge.

After the work, an exact cast of teeth was created, on the basis of which the patient received new front teeth thanks to the dental bridge.

Dentures. Clasp prosthesis, or new teeth in two months

A middle-aged man came to our clinic with the problem of the absence of almost all the teeth of the upper jaw. The patient was offered byugel prosthetics.

Stump tabs on the front teeth

1. Photo: Preparation for prosthetics. Stump tabs.

The photo above demonstrates the complexity of this dental case. The degree of integrity of the teeth is not given the opportunity to use them as stump tabs. Therefore, it was decided to install the stump tabs on a metal base.

Clasp prosthesis

2. Photo: Clasp prosthesis.

As a result of the preparatory work and the impression, the patient received a lightweight clasp prosthesis. This is one of the features of this type of denture. Metal arc makes such a design durable and reliable.

Installing a partial denture

3. Photo: Installation of the prosthesis.

Installation of the prosthesis does not require special skills. Clasp prosthesis is a removable type of prosthesis.

Fixing the partial denture

4. Photo: Fixing the prosthesis.

Special hooks provide reliable fastening of the clasp prosthesis. The presented type of dental prosthetics has made a small revolution in modern prosthetics. This wonderful partial denture moved to the background inconvenient plastic-based dentures with a solid construction.

Prices for prosthetics of teeth in Family Dent

Metal Stump Tab600 UAH.
Folding metal stump tab800 UAH.
Ceramic crownfrom 2300 UAH.
Zirconia crownUAH 5500
Removable acrylic prosthesis3500 UAH.
Removable nylon prosthesisUAH 5500
Clasp prosthesisfrom 8000 UAH.

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Kurshunzhi Maxim:

Two months ago, he went to the Family Dent clinic to consult a difficult case because of the absence of most of the teeth in the upper jaw! Anna Sergeevna consulted, advised the most acceptable and optimal treatment options, which is rare nowadays! Two months later, I smile with might and main and I’m not ashamed of my smile anymore! I can say one thing – Everything is gorgeous and at its best! Anna Sergeyevna is a great doctor, excellent clinic and excellent service! thank you very much!

Family Dent Note:

Prosthetic time depends on the number of missing teeth. Difficult cases can take up to two months. The installation of crowns or bridges is also considered prosthetics, but it takes much less time.