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Prosthetics of teeth in Kiev – new teeth for life

Partial or complete loss of teeth at 40 is not always a person’s fault. The reason may be a bad heredity or an accident. In the Family Dent clinic, we met patients who brushed their teeth twice a day, but this did not save them. A person without teeth experiences daily torment. You know that it happens three times a day when it comes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A person has a feeling that he did not eat anything.

Since childhood, we are used to chewing food. You can’t explain to the body that there is nothing to chew on now.

As a result of partial loss of teeth, an increase in interdental space occurs. There are unhindered particles of food that leads to the development of caries. It takes little time and the remaining teeth are at risk of removal. This is similar to the domino effect when the absence of several teeth in the medium term leads to the defeat of healthy ones. That is why dental prosthetics is important to carry out at the initial stage.

Modern prosthetics of teeth (Kiev): crowns, bridges, removable and fixed prostheses

Depending on the number of missing teeth, their partial defeat or as a result of diseases and injuries, modern dentistry classifies prosthetics as follows:

1. Dental crowns – a single prosthetic teeth, which have not lost their foundation.

2. Dental bridge – prosthetics of several teeth that are in the same dentition.

3. Removable dentures are designed for patients with multiple tooth loss.

4. Fixed prosthetics may be in cases of removal of one or several teeth using permanent attachment. The fixed prostheses, in turn, include the above-mentioned crowns and bridges.

Family Dent Prosthetics

Clinic Family Dent provides dental prosthetics in Kiev. The sooner you become aware of your problem, the sooner we can help you. A few teeth, or their complete absence – in any case, you deserve to have new teeth. After the examination, we offer you a dental prosthesis according to your situation and financial possibilities.