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Acrylic free dentures

good news for people with allergies

Selection of material for the manufacture of a denture & mdash; This is what makes Family Dent clinic patients think. In order to simplify their lives, people make choices that are based on price. Depending on the possibilities choose the most expensive or cheap technology for the production of prostheses.

The mass of reviews of dental clinics confirms the fact that the body has rejected a number of prosthetic materials. A month later, the patient is ready to re-undergo the prosthesis process in order to get rid of the horror. Acrye prostheses help solve this problem in most cases.

Allergy problem solved

Says the doctor of our clinic, Anna Gerasimenko:

Acryl prostheses can be repelled by the body because a person is allergic to this material. Stay without teeth & mdash; This is a really bad option. So arose prosthesis Acre Free. Removable prosthesis Acre Free is a successful solution in many respects. I heard a lot of negative reviews about this technology. Exactly the same as the rest. But in this discussion they forget about the main thing: acre fries really solve the problem of allergy sufferers, because the material for the manufacture of prostheses has a small list of contraindications. I will share a secret with our patients: Acrylic fries prostheses were the first to start manufacturing in Kiev at Family Dent. This is surprising, but in the capital this is a problem. In any case, we will remain number 1 for the manufacture of acrylic fries. And we already have the necessary experience.

Family Dent Clinic Doctor

Benefits of Acry Free Prostheses

The ease of construction of the prosthesis. This speeds up the addiction, because the weight of the prostheses on a metal base has never contributed to this process. Ease is deceptive because the practice of using acrylic free dentures speaks about its durability.

Transparency of the material. The material has a solid hue, which generally makes prostheses imperceptible to others. Patients who are contraindicated dental implants, often make a choice in favor of acrylic fries. This choice is deliberate, because for many people the most important thing is that dentures are very similar to natural teeth.

Short time to make a prosthesis, because the material is easy to use. This reduces the errors of the dental technician and avoids many fittings of prostheses.

A prosthesis without a pronounced taste. A metallic taste or taste of nylon can cause a gag reflex. Acre fries boasts that it is the most tasteless prosthesis among all existing ones.

Akri Fri Dental Prostheses (Kiev)

Our clinic offers its patients dentures acre fries, because it is the technology of today. We are the first in Kiev, who told his patients:

Yes, we will make for you acrylic free dentures

The reason for choosing acre free in Family Dent

People are used to trusting first. We have already made a bet on the technology of acre free, because it is gaining popularity all over the world. So many people just can't be wrong. We remember how we did not trust the technology of dental implants. See how far she has stepped forward now. For us, acre fries & mdash; This is another opportunity to help your patients.

Dentures are guaranteed for one year. This is sufficient time to ensure the reliability of acre free.

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