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Periodontitis treatment

How not to undermine health in one month

This happens when a healthy-looking tooth begins to ache terribly. During this, a major mistake is made, which will subsequently lead to tooth loss. Instead of coming to the dentist in the morning, we stock up on painkillers. The problem is not solved in this way, but time is lost. Having come to the clinic on the third day, you will be located in the chair of the therapeutic department. A dentist, shrugging, will say:

to the surgeon

This can be avoided because you now know the consequences. If you are still going to postpone the visit to the dentist, then let me warn you about the risks. Proved that periodontitis can be a catalyst for the development of heart disease.

The sooner the better

The treatment of periodontitis at an early stage allows you to save your teeth, because once you can wake up with a swollen cheek. Antibiotics and dental surgery, in this case, do not guarantee effective treatment and have to extract a tooth. Early diagnosis of periodontitis and prevention of periodontitis would help avoid such an outcome. Acute periodontitis & mdash; This is a high risk of blood poisoning. This is a serious problem because the dental surgeon will not end the disease.

What the surgeons say about periodontitis

Timur Jumaev:

Timur Jumaev - maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist

Many of my patients could have avoided seeing me. In the case when periodontitis has reached an extreme point, I have very few options. You can try to save a tooth with the help of surgery. In such cases, drainage is established for the outflow of pus, and antibiotics are prescribed. If there is no result, then the mandatory removal of the tooth. Unfortunately, there are cases when it is immediately obvious that the treatment will not help. This is all a consequence of the fact that they did not visit the treatment room in time.

Maxillofacial surgeon, dental implantologist of the Family Dent clinic

Family Dent offers a solution - treatment of periodontitis in Kiev

Our clinic provides treatment for periodontitis, regardless of the stage of its development. An experienced dentist will identify periodontitis at an early stage or advise on the prevention of the disease. If you diagnose periodontitis at an early stage - treatment will naturally be easier.

Time to act

After completing the course & laquo; treatment of periodontitis & raquo; In our clinic, you are given the opportunity to periodically examine for re-diagnosis of the disease. Periodontitis of the tooth and caries & mdash; these are small problems that can soon become huge. As a result of the treatment of periodontitis, you get:

Saving teeth. In truth, this is the simultaneous saving of teeth and money. Preventive and medical procedures are much cheaper than prosthetics and dental implants.

Prevention of diseases associated with blood poisoning and heart disease. Periodontitis of the tooth & mdash; a terrible disease that can take all your health with your teeth.

Problem Solution Price

Treatment of periodontitis in Family Dent (Kiev) can include three stages.

The price of each one & mdash; from 500 hryvnia.

It is very beneficial to get rid of periodontitis in the initial stage of its development than to spend thousands on dental implantation or treat the consequences of complications.

How to learn more about periodontitis

To do this, it’s enough to trust the doctors of the Family Dent clinic and get a consultation at the address: Belorusskaya 8, office 17. Call us at one of the mobile operators in order to arrange a consultation time.