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Professional oral hygiene

brushing your teeth or how to forget about a drill 

The formation of tartar suggests a wrong approach to brushing your teeth at home. It is likely that you neglect the recommendations of dentists regarding brushing your teeth twice a day. About the use of dental floss to speak and not at all. Practice shows that such an attitude to dental hygiene leads to pulpitis or periodontitis. Overcoming this milestone brings you closer to tooth extraction and prosthetics.

What do caries and excess weight have in common

Imagine a man, or a woman with excess weight, who are trying to cope with this problem. There are enough options: morning run, diet, therapeutic fasting, yoga, fitness, or bodybuilding. Most of the options listed are really good tools to keep your body in shape. But it is much more effective to use these drugs as a preventive measure. This means that fitness should have been practiced 5 years ago, when the first extra pounds appeared. With excess weight now everything is clear, but what does caries have to do with this? Professional oral hygiene is necessary for a person from the age when he learned to hold a toothbrush in his hand. In reality, everything happens differently. The patient comes to the dentist only with an urgent problem - flux, caries or severe toothache. Anna Gerasimenko:

Having cured one of the dental diseases, the dentist simultaneously performs professional oral hygiene. But for several years after that, the patient does not appear in the dental clinic, firmly convinced that everything is in order with his teeth. This belief collapses with a new toothache. Instead, it was necessary to allocate twice a year for cleaning teeth in dentistry with a duration of 15-20 minutes each.

Family Dent Clinic Doctor

Teeth cleaning in Kiev from Family Dent (Kiev)

Dental Clinic Family Dent will hold for you hygienic procedures of varying complexity. Brushing teeth in dentistry reduces the risk of developing diseases of the teeth.

Teeth cleaning - price

Professional teeth cleaning in Family Dent. From simple to complex: - Treatment of teeth with fluoride paste - 200 UAH. - Removal of hard dental deposits with scleler, brush, polishing paste - 350 UAH. - Removal of hard dental deposits using the Air Flow system, ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth with a scleler followed by polishing the surface of the teeth - 1000 UAH. It turns out that the prevention of serious diseases of the teeth and ultrasonic teeth cleaning is available to patients even with low incomes. Also remind you that you can get a discount. With information about the discount, read the corresponding page with the instructions.
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