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Flux treatment (periostitis)

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Flux treatment requires an urgent visit to the dentist. This can start with a little pain, and in the morning you no longer recognize yourself by looking in the mirror. It is impossible to postpone treatment for tomorrow, because surgery is needed today.

What is periostitis

This is one of the diseases that most patients can independently diagnose in themselves with a high degree of accuracy. Suppuration on the lower or upper jaw & mdash; this is periostitis, which people also call flux. There may be a dangerous desire to pierce an abscess on the gum with a needle at home. It’s interesting what the Family Dent surgeon thinks about this.

Surgeon Timur Jumaev about flux

Timur Jumaev:

I strongly do not recommend self-treatment and complicate the work of the surgeon in the future. Flux & mdash; This is not a pain in the finger, which can be pulled out at home, disinfected and forgotten. Do house doctors know, even in the dental office, you cannot pierce the gums with a syringe with a needle? The injection for local anesthesia is done next to the suppuration. In addition, one visit is not enough. Patients with periostitis come to me at least twice.

Family Surgeon Clinic

Dentistry Family Dent offers treatment of periostitis in Kiev

Flux treatment in Kiev in Family Dent (Kiev) is as follows:

Diagnosis. Based on the diagnostic data, the surgeon decides to leave a tooth or remove a tooth. The causes of periostitis may be different. Also those that are completely unrelated to dental disease. If the cause of periostitis is & mdash; this is a consequence of a neglected tooth disease, then the surgeon can remove it.

Surgical intervention. Our surgeon makes an incision in the gum for outflow of pus. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the patient does not feel pain. A simple opening of the abscess is not enough, because it will continue to accumulate in the following days. For this, a disinfected gum (drainage) is inserted into the surgical incision. This contributes to the outflow of pus during the treatment period.

Purpose of antibiotics. Effective flux treatment is impossible without prescription of antibiotics, because streptococci, staphylococcus and other bacteria are the cause of periostitis.

Repeated visit to the Family Dent surgeon. A day or two after the surgery, you should revisit the dentistry. Our doctor makes an examination and makes a decision: replacing drainage and continuing to take antibiotics or completing treatment.

Do not delay for tomorrow

Dentistry Anna Gerasimenko Family Dent (Kiev) is open until 23.00. This means that even today you have the opportunity to go through the first three stages of periostitis treatment. To do this, there is no need to ask for leave from work or school. Our doctor with more than 7th experience will perform the necessary surgical procedures.


The cost of an incision for the treatment of periostitis of the jaw at the Family Dent clinic is 1600 hryvnia. Additionally, consider the cost of taking the course on antibiotics. The duration of antibiotics depends on your case.

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