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Implantation of teeth Kiev

in Family Dent

Full or partial loss of teeth leads to a state of stress. This is a sudden transition to a new state due to two limitations:

- the inability to take solid food;

- fear of smiling or even talking to loved ones.

Additional problems appear when the body moves to a new diet and method of eating. Lack of teeth and stomach problems & mdash; this is what forces you to make an appointment with a dentist.

Modern Problem Solution

Implantation of teeth (Kiev) in Family Dent removes all restrictions for a person that are associated with the lack of a dentition. Implantation & mdash; This is a modern alternative to dental prosthetics. You should know that after implantation a person perceives artificial teeth as given by nature.

In the Kiev Dental Clinic Family Dent, Timur Dzhumaev is involved in implantation & mdash; Implantologist with more than 7 years of experience.

Timur Dzhumaev: what are dental implants?

Timur Dzhumaev & mdash; doctor maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist

Dental implants are very similar to regular screws. No need to worry about this. Dental implant manufacturing material & mdash; titanium. I place such screw in that place where there is no tooth. You can imagine that this is a kind of anchor on which an artificial tooth is placed. Everything is not as scary as is customary to submit before going to the clinic. Even experienced specialists will help to deliver high-quality dental implants in Kiev at a reasonable price.

Family Dentist Implantologist at the Clinic

Results after implantation

It looks like fiction and a man of the last century could not understand what we are talking about. But dental implantation (Kiev), its results, and patient reviews from Family Dent, speak of the following facts:

Any food. After implantation, you can eat any food with minor restrictions.

A positive psychological effect. A person actually acquires new teeth, which according to sensations are his natural teeth.

Returning the structure of the face. There is no need to explain how visually a person without teeth is changing.

Types of implantation for your situation

Dental implantation in Kiev at Family Dent offers you a pragmatic choice:

Replacing a tooth with a single implant tooth. Often in practice there are situations when it is necessary to insert only one tooth. This is typical of young people. It is especially sad when one of the front teeth is missing.

Multiple implantation. This method solves the problem of missing several teeth in a row.

A dental implant on the lower and upper jaw. Even the complete absence of teeth does not take away your ability to return a smile.

Turnkey dental implants or dentures?

Dentures came to dentistry much earlier than an implant and even now they have not lost their popularity. Implants or prostheses & mdash; it remains your choice. But you should listen to the recommendations of our specialist Timur Jumaev. In the dental practice, there are a number of contraindications or unnecessary victims of a healthy tooth in order to install a prosthesis. Dental implants or dentures & mdash; An objective response is possible after consulting an implantologist.

Dental implants - cost

Implant installation price depends on the manufacturer:

Megagen Anyone Implant from 350 у.е.

Great price, considering that in return you get a completely new tooth that will be better than before.

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