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Treatment of caries in Kiev

 Your teeth after 50 years 

We do not want to frighten you, but in our work we have to tell the truth. Caries is a dental "cancer". It is from caries that most of the problems with the teeth appear. A small dark spots on the teeth in a year will turn into a striking force of your tooth enamel. In vain you do not notice this problem.

Opinion of the dentist of the clinic Family Dent

Anna Gerasimenko:
Anna Gerasimenko - Dentist

Treatment of caries in Kiev is not a problem, but it surprises me that people rarely deal with problems at an early stage. Usually they sound the alarm when the tooth is already seriously affected. In such cases, simple treatment is indispensable. My duty, as a doctor, is also to draw the patient’s attention to the condition of the adjacent teeth, which are in the first stage of caries lesion. I noticed one pattern: after the treatment of caries in the deep stage, my patients willingly agree to continue the treatment of caries in the initial stage of the remaining teeth. It is good that they learn from their mistakes, but it is better to do it on others. Then the teeth in 50 years would still be their own.

Family Dent Clinic Doctor

Family Dent (Kiev) offers the treatment of dental caries

Treatment of caries in Kiev is one of the main specializations of the Family Dent clinic. Our specialist Anna Gerasimenko is ready to take you for a consultation on the treatment of caries at any stage. Do not delay visiting the doctor, complicating the treatment and the consequences for yourself.

The complexity of caries treatment

When a dentist talks about the complexity of caries treatment, he means the fourth stage of the disease. From the point of view of modern technologies in dentistry, deep caries (fourth stage) is curable. But at the same time, partial tooth loss is inevitable. For the sake of preserving the basis of the tooth, the doctor recommends putting a crown in such cases. This is the case when in the process of caries treatment it is necessary to apply prosthetics. That is why the treatment of early stage caries saves up to 90% of the tooth and avoids complex treatment.

Three reasons to get rid of caries

Saving your tooth. Family Dent follows the rule: try to save a tooth. Go to the implantation of the tooth you still have time. We do not seek to sell you a solution to the problem in an expensive way. We want to save your tooth for as long as possible. Great experience. Our specialist has more than 11 years of experience. There are situations when it is necessary to make not simple decisions. We are sure that our dentist Anna Gerasimenko is capable of that. Your teeth at 50 - that doesn't sound bad.

Professional caries treatment - cost

Treatment of caries in Kiev has formed an average price in the city. The Family Dent Clinic offers treatment according to an affordable price.

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Caries treatment - price

Ignoring problems with caries now, you are laying a significant amount on future treatment. No one can guarantee situations with tooth extraction and subsequent prosthetics or implantation. Call Family Dent at the service provider convenient for you and specify the necessary information. Or come to the clinic and get a consultation today.