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Braces in Kiev

 or why dentists have even teeth

Remember the case when, when talking to a person, the interlocutor's crooked teeth distracted your attention. Worst of all, when one of these interlocutors are you personally. This is even more distracting from the conversation. I have to constantly control myself and mentally ask the question: Do I open my mouth too much? Yes, aesthetics matter, but later we will explain why the problems do not end there.

Curved teeth - an increased risk of caries. Solution - put braces

Braces are the No. 1 remedy for correcting the wrong bite. Teeth braces in Kiev can be installed in our clinic Family Dent. And now we give the floor to our orthodontist Narmin Aliyeva:
Narmin Aliyeva

An ideal case, when in the process of caries treatment the doctor sends the patient for consultation to the orthodontist. I have to explain to people that, with the wrong bite, problems with caries will unfortunately continue. This happens because crooked teeth are harder to brush. Poorly cleaned areas of the teeth are the future focus of caries. I know this from my professional experience. The toothbrush is designed for anatomically correct tooth placement. Any deviation from anatomy complicates dental care. The problem can be solved by the use of dental floss. But I’m skeptical, because people rarely use dental floss.

Orthodontist of the Family Dent Clinic

Correct bite at 40

There are no false promises in this statement, because braces can be installed in Kiev even in middle age. The main condition: you must have teeth. Otherwise, only implantation or prosthetics can help. Family Dent offers a braces installation service at any age. Narmin, an orthodontist Aliyev, will conduct a survey and provide individual recommendations on choosing a bracket system.

Two problems that solves the installation of braces

Healthy teeth. Family Dent puts this advantage first. The teeth with the correct bite reduce the chances for the development of caries. The acquisition of confidence. At the end of treatment, you will get rid of the complex, which forces you to restrain your smile. Correction of bite strongly brings your teeth to the standard, which is used to see the actors, TV presenters or businessmen. Not the correct bite can be the very factor that holds you back in your career. Getting a leadership position is always associated with more intense attention to yourself. It’s not comfortable for a manager to communicate with a subordinate whose teeth are smoother than his. After correcting the bite, only the procedure of whitening removes you from the ideal teeth. Modern types of braces are made of materials that repeat the color of the teeth. This makes them less noticeable during a conversation, because white on white is not striking the interlocutor.

Install braces - price

Dental Clinic Family Dent (Kiev) offers only high-quality braces, the cost of 7000 hryvnia. At the same time, you receive advice from our orthodontist Narmin Aliyeva on the choice of a bracket system and her professional support during the entire course of treatment. This is a small price for the smile you want.
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